Photo: Tony Allen-Mills

Photo: Tony Allen-Mills
The Charge: First Race, First Climb

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Greenbelt Exploits Reminisced in Miniature

Ah, I love Greenbelt.  Even when I can't quite hang on to the bunch sprint during the last 200 yards.  But leaving the job slightly early, riding out in a bunch through terra I-don't-go-there, an hour of racing followed by a swift ride home under a darkening sky is an incomparably pleasant way to spend an evening in the middle of a work week.

Greenbelt Park Series "B" Race (Cat 4/5)
May 18, 2011

Duration: 45 min
Laps: 13
Avg. Speed: 23.9mph
Place: 22 of 42
Crashes: 1 (not me)
Ejected bottles: 1 (not me)
Camper vans parked on 40mph downhill section: 1 (not mine)
Total Weds night miles: 48

Life is good.

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