Photo: Tony Allen-Mills

Photo: Tony Allen-Mills
The Charge: First Race, First Climb

Monday, May 23, 2011


A couple things:

Thing Number 1: I really chunked the math component of the post below.  I mean like simple addition.  I have concluded that I will let it stand as is and not try to fix it on the sly, even though probably no one has read it yet or would have noticed the correction.

Thing Number 2: I just learned that I will not be able to Ride Sally Ride.  Holy cow, with this sort of involuntary idleness, what's the point of all this training?  Greenbelt is the point.  I guess.  Not much of a point, though.

So with no real race reports to write for a month or so, be prepared my two or three readers for more vacuous babble like that last post, some pictures, some Greenbelt recaps, and if you are lucky, general blog silence.

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